Institut Agama Islam Darussalam Follow KLiISC 2016

Kuala Lumpur International Islamic Studies & Civilizations Conference (KLIISC) 2016 on 7 – 8 May 2016 at Hotel Putra Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia theme “Islam & Its Perspectives on Global & Local Contemporary Challenges”. Institut Agama Islam Darussalam represented by Zulfi Zumala Dwi Andriani theme “Strengthening Youth Access To Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights In Pesantren Community”.
The breadth and diversity of research areas concerning Islamic Studies and Civilisations is a testimony of the importance of this discipline especially when it involves more than 1 billion of Muslim worldwide. In the wake of misunderstanding and misconception of Islam and Muslims that have become more common and extensive in these decades, it is vital for everyone to understand the true meaning Islam ad its noble teachings and that Muslim scholars have left their marks in various area of studies and civilisation that contribute to human development.
The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners who are interested to present their papers in a diverse range of areas pertaining to Islamic Studies, Islamic Civilisation and other related fields. KLiISC provides a good forum for academic exchange in cross – cultural approach and beyond. Our main aim is to stimulate discussion, debate, informed dialogue and research on Islam, knowledge and civilisation relating to it. This opportunity could be used as a way to broaden international and educational networks and relationship.

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